Nathalie de Lauradour

Imaginary Worlds




The artist's dream


The silhouettes which haunt the imaginary worlds of Nathalie de Lauradour, 

Deliver us pieces of their dreams, their aspiration, their hopes and a little of their wisdom also, as so many calls for help in an inexorably dehumanized world.

Born in Cannes in 1965, it is in Nice, in the Villa Arson, that Nathalie makes her artistic studies. She participates between 1987 and 1989 in the elaboration of a cartoon for Canal + as tracer, decorator. Follow five years by creations for the company Gault of miniature houses which will stand out for her a kind of fascination for the architecture and the housing environment generally.

Then it is in Belgium, where she lives from 1995 till 2000, where are established her first pictorial researches and her first exhibitions. She pursues her work of materials and constructions in mixed techniques and collages painted after her return in France.

Her painting, constantly evolving, reveals a theme expensive to the artist: 

The place of human in the society, the exponential urbanization, a glance touched and revolted on our inexorably soiled environment. Recurring themes which will become over the years wounds and brands in the red iron that she will try to correct. It is from there that are set up her parallel imaginary worlds, populated with strange characters  for the human reflections but in a future more brilliant. Nathalie is going to be able to make them play very different scores, stories where she well makes walk itself through a mysterious labyrinth of forms and materials like a vast colored patchwork.

The forms are even suggested, disintegrated, as to remind us that sometimes, it is indispensable to put a certain distance between the reality and the perception which we have of it to dread it better. 

An abstraction which opens on a dreamlike space, a universe pictorial Sensitive and poetic which feeds the imagination,  vibrations of the nature and the spirit.

And it is quite naturally that paintings transported themselves in pages, on the meeting of the writing, they became pounds. So, continue the story...

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Nathalie de Lauradour

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